Critical Event Management 

The threat to personal safety is increasing in today’s world.

Use Everbridge to communicate with your teams en masse during a critical event. The software allows you to quickly and easily construct and send critical information and also respond to those that are in need. Have peace of mind and respond in real time when the message has to get through

Mass Communication

  • Send notifications based on trouble spots. Establish an area around an event and alert all the people who enter the incident zone within a specified duration of time
  • Send critical notifications based on where people are, using multi-factor location determination, not just in their office or home location
  • Use a shape or combination of shapes to define boundaries
  • Integrate your internal HR system with Everbridge to keep employee information up to date.
  • Activate and receive confirmations from Internet-connected devices, including sirens, radios, panic buttons, digital signage, or medical devices.

Crisis Solution

  • Clear lines of responsibility
  • Define your communication flow
  • Execute your business continuity plan at the push of a button
  • Track and analyse actions and responses to improve on future incidents
  • One source of the truth for situational awareness
  • A best practice framework for communicating with an international or remote team

Keep People Safe

The health and safety of your employees are top of mind, especially during a critical event. The Everbridge scalable platform allows you to monitor the safety of your employees anytime, anywhere. Organisations of all sizes can implement lone worker safety with Everbridge Safety Connection

Lone Worker Safety

  • Mobile App check-ins can provide a geo-tagged indication of ‘last known’ location.
  • Building access control capability can tell you who checked into a building at a particular time.
  • Utilise location-aware technology to quickly find and communicate with lone workers at all times, regardless of where they are in the world
  • Panic Button- Send an SOS message to your security team with your lone worker's current location. In addition to sending the contacts' location, audio and video can also be transmitted and shared. 
  • Check-in Capability - Capture and report your contacts' geo-location information back to your security centre. 

Travelling Employee Safety

72% of the workforce is set to be mobile by 20/20 with the increase in staff at fluid locations it is key to have a system in place to be able to support them.

  • Update alerts based on the travel itinerary of the individual employee
  • Set alerts if employees pass through an area marked as a danger zone
  • Minimise disruption to global projects
  • Keep lines of communication open with crisis management teams and mobile workers
  • Uphold the duty of care and duty to inform your workforce
  • Tap into local threat alerts as they appear in order to avoid issues as they arise

Keep Businesses Running 

Our dynamic tools allow you to keep your business running during a critical event. Including social or internal events including server downtime and other IT-related incidents.

Respond Faster

  • IT operational response, targeted notifications and on-call scheduling and collaboration.
  • Stakeholders stay informed and impacted customers are notified.
  • Accelerate on-call staff response to unplanned IT issues helps organisations restore services within their service level agreements. Improve MTTR
  • Contact the right IT staff promptly via multiple communication paths simultaneously.
  • Organise a conference call with key stakeholders to resolve incidents faster.
  • Integration with a range of IT Service Management systems including with ServiceNow

Minimise Downtime 

  • Service levels are maintained to a high standard as helpdesk teams are
  • Establish a process that is consistent and repeatable to ensure high service levels
  • Automated multi- modal alerts allow you to focus on resolving the issue
  • Reduce your MTTK; get the information faster so that a resolution can be deployed