Improving Incident Command System Event Management

Download the whitepaper, Improving Incident Command System Event Management to learn how you manage those challenges.

Duty of Care for a Mobile Workforce: Out of Sight Cannot Mean Out of Mind

As the mobile workforce continues to increase, safety and security professionals are going to encounter new challenges around employee safety. For this reason, the idea of “Duty of Care” must be revisited moving forward because employees who are out of sight cannot be out of mind. In this white paper, Duty of Care for a […]

A Toolkit for Better IT Communication and Collaboration from HDI

Businesses need to innovate more, while at the same time delivering unprecedented levels of IT availability, stability, and security. Communication must be at the speed of business. When there are failures, the staff responsible needs to be able to take remedial action immediately, from wherever they are and regardless of the time of day.

Employee Safety and Security Buyer’s Guide: Functional Consideration for Vendor Evaluation

Download the Employee Safety and Security Buyer’s Guide: Functional Consideration for Vendor Evaluation to learn about new requirements for employee safety and security technology for today’s mobile world.

Redefining Duty of Care: Ensuring Employee Safety Through Location-Awareness

With nearly three-quarters of the workforce expected to be mobile by 2020, organizations must begin to redefine duty of care. Gone are the days when safety and security professionals only have to worry about protecting employees within the confines of the corporate office(s). In this white paper, Redefining Duty of Care: Ensuring Employee Safety Through […]

Responding to Data Center Outages: 6 Keys to Developing an Effective Response Plan

As technology continues to evolve and grow more complex, so do the crises that arise when things go wrong. Data center outages are becoming costlier for organizations, both financially and in terms of brand image. It is crucial that every organization have a plan in place to ensure they are prepared to respond to data […]

Active Shooter Preparedness: Best Practices and Tips from Industry Experts

In recent years, active shooter incidents have been on the rise. FBI data shows both 2014 and 205 had more than 20 incidents each. As the active shooter threat continues to evolve, it is critical that organizations put an emphasis on preparing for the possibility that a shooter could enter their building. Download the DRGuide […]

BCI Emergency Communications Report 2016

Everbridge and the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) recently released its third annual report, “The Emergency Communications Report 2016,”which revealed that global businesses are increasingly aware that the true business resiliency is a company-wide initiative that involves taking accountability for the safety of all staff (whether they are located in the office, at home or on the road). […]

A Guide to Employee Safety in Today’s Mobile World

Within the next five years, IDC projects more than 75% percent of the workforce will be mobile, which could create significant challenges for security professionals. New ideas for employee safety and duty of care for remote employees and lone workers should be considered in the coming years. In this white paper, A Guide to Employee […]

Streamlining the Major Incident Resolution Process: Define, Plan, Staff and Communicate

When a major IT incident occurs, planning and proper role delegation are essential for quick resolution. For every minute of system downtime, there are severe effects on the business: angry end users/customer, a reduction in employee productivity, frustrated executives, and sometimes even impacted revenue – and for hospitals, it can affect patient safety. Not only should […]