Use dynamic templates to deploy messages at a faster rate. 

  • Pre- build and construct communications
  • Pre- select individuals or teams to send messages and identify how you would like them to respond.
  • Group templates by type or by category
  • Dynamically drive who you send communications to by locations or teams
  • Personalise your outgoing message with the forms designer
  • Leverage the IC existing templates to respond to an SOS

Speed up the power of communications

  • Dynamically drive changes to outbound messages
  • Minimise the time it takes to construct and send a message in a time of crisis
  • Notify different stakeholders and management teams with multiple templates
  • Simplify and speed up your communications
Brian Phillips Global Security Manager, Alexion Pharmaceuticals
Everbridge supports our global security team by integrating dynamic employee location information from our building access controls and travel systems with the Everbridge critical communications platform. This enhances our ability to take accountability for our employees’ safety and enables us to reach them on their preferred device with the most relevant information during local or international emergencies.