Mass Notification

  • Intuitive messaging that can adhere to work times and locations
  • Geo-fence capability for messaging within a particular area.
  • Customised map views to reflect your business
  • Drill down to send messages to specific teams or locations
  • Set communication preferences across email, text and phone

Communicate quickly and easily

  • Quickly gather decision makers on a conference bridge to agree next steps
  • Send emergency communications through the most intuitive user interface.
  • Plan ahead with templated messages and settings
  • Accurate analyses in real-time, allowing you to improve on results.
  • Make quick changes in your communications strategy to improve outcomes.
  • Continue outreach until the contact confirms or escalate notifications to ensure that the next person or group is notified
Sarah Draper HR Director
We could not be happier with Everbridge. With no power, no IT and no telephones, I was able to manage communication via my iPhone with the Everbridge App. We had 100% staff communication throughout; it worked exactly as we wanted it to.