125 Old Broad Street is a 26-story multi-let office block, situated next to the Bank of England. Currently occupied by fifty-four different companies, across a diverse range of businesses including solicitors, finance companies and IT companies, approximately 2,000 people work in the building. In the event of an emergency, or in everyday cases such as building renovation or maintenance work, the management for 125 Broad Street has an obligation to keep all of its tenants informed. Retail/property management communication is a key concern to ensure the building is operating smoothly and to its fullest potential at all times.

Case Study Problem

The retail/property management communication team of 125 Broad Street needed an efficient method to alert tenants to any issues of security, facility provision or external factors within the office complex. With over 25 companies using space in the building, there was no single unified communication platform that could send notifications to tenants outside of methods like fire alarms that could only be leveraged during an emergency.

Case Study Solution For Retail/Property Management Communication

Originally iModus customers, 125 Old Broad Street used the platform to receive communications from the City of London Police. Migration to the Everbridge platform provided opportunities to optimize the potential of a mass notification solution. Retail/Property management communication for 125 Broad Street has become far more efficient, and gives staff more independence in how they notify tenants.







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“At the moment, as we are just starting to use Everbridge, we are continuing to use it for the same purposes, but we do recognise that it is more dynamic, interactive and intuitive than iModus and can be used to communicate problems in the building to our occupiers.”

– Piero Ferrari, Operations Manager

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