• Keep Local, Remote and Traveling Employees Safe

With an increasingly mobile workforce, distributed teams and large campuses, it is challenging to keep track of thousands of employees’ locations, schedules and travels. Everbridge helps businesses and organisations quickly locate and communicate with their people. The solution aggregates geolocation data from access control, network access, travel systems, room reservation systems and mobile applications so you can assess who is at risk and reach out to them.

  • Threat Intelligence

During any type of emergency or incident, an employer has a responsibility to ensure its employees are protected and safe. Everbridge ThreatView provides access to detailed global situational intelligence information from within the Everbridge interface, offering updates from local threat feeds that could impact your business. Understand the location and severity of bomb threats; terrorist threats, criminal activity; civil unrest and travel disruptions

  • Mobile SOS Application

ContactBridge enables mobile SOS functionality for your smartphone including:

SOS message initiation to the security team with your current location. In addition to sending the contact’s location, audio and video are also transmitted and shared.
Automatic location sharing with your security centre using Auto Check-in.
Safe Corridor support that sends a message to the security team if the user fails to enter their safety code at pre-determined intervals.

  • Global Reach

Varying data privacy regulations in Europe limits on delivery volumes to comply with SPAM initiatives in the US, India, and Australia, carrier connectivity issues--these and other issues make reliable global message delivery a challenge.  The Everbridge platform sends notifications to over 200 countries and territories. We have heavily invested in national long codes and local SMS short codes to improve the quality of delivery and increase response rates.

Brian Phillips Global Security Manager, Alexion Pharmaceuticals
Everbridge supports our global security team by integrating dynamic employee location information from our building access controls and travel systems with the Everbridge critical communications platform. This enhances our ability to take accountability for our employees’ safety and enables us to reach them on their preferred device with the most relevant information during local or international emergencies.