• Automate on-call outreach

Keep track of who is on call/shift to alert the right people based on the type of incident and time of day to reduce call out staffing times and confirm responses from the emergency response organisation. Ensure that the next person or group is notified if the first person doesn’t respond.

  • Instant Conferencing

Rapidly convene targeted teams on-the-fly using an instant conference bridge that places outbound calls and immediately connects participants. There are no phone numbers to dial, pin numbers to enter, or seconds lost.

  • Incident Tracking

Easy-to-use interface ensures the right incident communication processes are followed at the right time and that responders are notified based on the type of incident taking place.

  • Alarm Notifications

Integrate security alarms, panic buttons, and other operational alarms to relay critical information to the appropriate response teams without human intervention.

  • Field Intelligence

Stay current with escalating events, like downed power lines or pipeline leaks, in real time and with on-the-scene intelligence.

  • Regulatory Compliance

Safely manage system tests required by PHMSA and other regulatory agencies automatically notifying impacted groups when conducting hydro-testing of pipelines, mock drills, or inspections. Comply with NERC-reportable event requirements, by tracking all incident detail and communications including confirmations, audit trails and time stamps.

Brian Phillips Global Security Manager, Alexion Pharmaceuticals
Everbridge supports our global security team by integrating dynamic employee location information from our building access controls and travel systems with the Everbridge critical communications platform. This enhances our ability to take accountability for our employees’ safety and enables us to reach them on their preferred device with the most relevant information during local or international emergencies.